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People's Socialist Republic of Anderia

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"One people, one motherland, one destiny."
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LocationIconia lies in the southern hemisphere as a part of Serthenia.
Official languages
  • Anderian Common
Recognised regional languages
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • ...
  • Language n
Ethnic groups
  • 20% Christianity
  • 20% No religion
  • 20% Islam
  • 20% Other
  • 20% No answer
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Karl Marx
Friederich Engels
Vladimir Lenin
LegislatureSupreme People's Congress
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• Event of establishdment/creation/independence
• Total
100,000 km2 (39,000 sq mi) (N/A)
• Water (%)
• April 2021 estimate
Increase 18,800,000 (?th)
• 2011 census
• Density
45.45/km2 (117.7/sq mi) (?rd)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
Decrease $1.000 trillion (N/A)
• Per capita
Steady $220,001.43 (N/A)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
Increase $6.252 Trillion (N/A)
• Per capita
Increase $110,000.715 (N/A)
Gini (2021)Steady 50.0
high · N/A
HDI (2020)Increase 0.500
low · N/A
CurrencyAndev (AND)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
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Calling code +YOUR_NUMBER
Internet TLDYour domain

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People's Socialist Union

Anderia's sole legal political party is the People's Socialist Union (PSU), enshrined in law as the leading force of society and the state. Membership is a prerequisite for participation in governmental organs, and the Union functions as a central institution for cadre development, the formulation of public policy, and social control.

Every six years, the Union holds a General People's Congress, where People's Committees meet to elect party delegates who gather to discuss the nation's political future and elect the PSU Central Committee. These meetings are mandatory for all adult citizens and serve as a forum for popular discussion, though only party members may vote for and be nominated as delegates. Special interest groups are permitted to organize their own delegations, though groups labeled as oppositionist are periodically purged. Reformists, however, are typically tolerated, albeit in a marginalized capacity.

The Central Committee is the leading body of the People's Socialist Union, and elects one of its own members to head the Union's Secretariat in the post of First Secretary. The Secretariat is effectively in charge of maintaining the day to day operations of the party, while the Central Committee formulates ideas discussed by the Congress into broad national policy. Although the Secretariat is responsible for organizing the lists of candidates advanced by the Congress for political offices, all candidates are ultimately submitted to the Central Committee for approval.

At the regional level, party and governmental offices become indistinct from one another. Local commission candidates are initially proposed and are ultimately approved by the People's Committees directly, though both the Central People's Government and PSU Central Committee must also approve these candidates. Below this, the People's Committee is directly responsible for organizing its own affairs.

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