Metropolitan Serria

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Metropolitan Serria

Metropolitan Serria (Serrian: Serria metropolo or il Metropolo), also known as Nuntic Serria, is the area of the Serria which is geographically on the Serrian archipleago. It comprises "mainland" Serria, Vellina, as well as nearby islands situated in the Nuntic Sea, and the Divine Strait.

In contrast, overseas Serria is the collective name for all the Serrian-administered territories outside the archipelago. Metropolitan and overseas Serria together form the Kingdom of Serria. Metropolitan Serria accounts for 13.8% of the land territory, 32% of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and 36.5% of the population of the Kingdom of Serria.

In overseas Serria, a person from metropolitan Serria is often called a metro, short for metropolitano.


The term "metropolitan Serria" dates from the country's colonial period (from the 16th to the 20th centuries), when Serria was referred to as il Metropolo (literally "the Metropolis"), as distinguished from its colonies and protectorates, known as le colonie or l'impero. Similar terms existed to describe other Andolian colonial powers (e.g. "metropolitan Dolphiland", etc). This application of the words "metropolis" and "metropolitan" came from Ancient Ithakan "metropolis" (from μήτηρ mētēr "mother" and πόλις pólis "city, town"), which was the name for a city-state that created colonies across the Icarian and Ithakan isles. By extension "metropolis" and "metropolitan" came to mean "motherland", a nation or country as opposed to its colonies overseas.

Vellina, Metropolitan Serria

Today, some people in overseas Serria object to the use of the term il Serria metropolo due to its colonial history. They prefer to call it "the Serrian archipelago" (il arcipelago Serriano). Likewise, they oppose treating overseas Serria and metropolitan Serria as separate entities. For example, the League of Serrian States Multinational Institute for Statistics and Economic Indicators (Serrian: Istituto multinazionale di statistica ed economia (IMSE)) used to calculate its statistics (demography, economy, etc.) for metropolitan Serria only, and to analyze separate statistics for the overseas departments and territories. People in the overseas departments have opposed this separate treatment, arguing that the then four overseas departments were fully part of Serria.

As a result, since the end of the 1990s, IMSE has included the overseas departments in its figures for Serria (such as total population or GDP). The fifth overseas department. MSSW refers to metropolitan Serria and the dependencies as Serria totale ("Total Serria"). Other branches of the Serrian administration may have different definitions of what Total Serria is. For example, in contrast to IMSE, when the Serrian State Minister releases election results, they use the total term to refer to the entire Kingdom, including all of the overseas dependencies, but notably excluding Edusa and Noŕ.

Note that since IMSE now calculates statistics for Serria totale, this practice has spread to international institutions. For instance, the Serrian GDP published by the International Trade Sphere, RRAN Corporation, and others includes metropolitan Serria and the dependencies. The ITS refers to this total as "Serria"; it does not use the phrase "Serria total", as IMSE does.


Metropolitan Serria covers a land area of 145,003 square kilometres (55,986 sq mi), for the land area of Metropolitan Serria. while Overseas Serria covers a land area of 903,146 km2 (348,707 sq mi), for a total of 1,048,148.1 km2 (404,692.2 sq mi) in Serria.

According to the IMSE, 51,213,219 people lived in metropolitan Serria as of January 2021, while 88,976,995 lived in overseas Serria, for a total of 140,190,214 inhabitants in the Kingdom of Serria. Thus, metropolitan Serria accounts for 36.5% of the Serrian population.

Mainland Serria

Mainland Serria (Serrian: Serria continentale), or just "the mainland" (Serrian: il continentale), does not include the smaller Serrian islands in the archipelago (including the largest city, Vellina). It is considered a misnomer due to the fact that "the mainland" refers to merely the largest island in the archipelago, Serria, rather than the Cancodian mainland which holds no sovereign Serrian territory on the Nuntic coast.

In Vellina, people from the mainland part of metropolitan Serria are referred to as i continentali.

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