Serrian Foreign Dependencies

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Serrian Dependencies

Serrian Foreign Dependencies, also known as Overseas Archdioceses, are overseas regions that have remained a part of Serria proper, rather than gain independence or become a Principality.

Below is a list of the Serrian Foreign Dependencies that are Archdioceses of Serria:

Serian Principalities

Serrian Principality is an autonomous self-governing region in the Serrian Empire. Principalities maintain significant autonomy, as their own governments are able to control most internal matters. For example, Principalities are responsible for developing their own democratic forms of representing their people and writing and passing their own laws. Foreign policy, however, follows Serria's constitutional policy of neutrality, and Principalities must also recognize the Serrian monarchy as well as Catholicism as their national religion.

All citizens of a Principality are also citizens of Serria, and a free travel agreement exists between all sovereign Serrian territories and Principalities, including the Papal Union in Nor, which operates similarly to a Principality but with a separate political arrangement and union with the Serrian government. Principalities contribute portions of their tax revenue to support the Serrian Ministry of Defense, which employs its nuclear and conventional deterrent to maintain security and stability within the Principalities.

Currently, there are two Serrian Principalities which have their own different internal political systems and arrangements:


North Icaria officially became a Principality when the twelve colonies Federated in 1846, creating the Blessed Principality of North Icaria. North Icaria is arranged in a federal system rather than a unitary one like Serria, and since the Great War, has maintained a larger standing military than other Autonomous Dependencies of Serria, such as Edusa.