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His Highness's Armed Forces consist of 5 service branches under two separate offices within the Ministry of Defense. The Admiralty Office oversees the Royal Navy (Dolfik: Kingly Hildfleet), which played a key role in establishing the Dolfik colonial empire and which is in modern times responsible for naval warfare including overseas power projection and defense of the Dolfik coastline. Additionally under the Admiralty's control are the Royal Marines (Dolfik: Kingly Seaheer), who are a strictly volunteer, professional force who are the primary service used for overseas land operations, in contrast to the Army's role in performing defensive operations at home. Under the control of the War Office is the Dolfik Army (Dolfik: Dolfik Heer), which maintains a large combined arms force deterring any foreign aggression on Dolfik soil, and supplements the Royal Marines in overseas combat operations if needed. Alongside this is the Royal Air Force (Dolfik: Kingly Liftfleet), which conducts logistical and air support and ensures aerial superiority in any given theater of operations, and the Royal Space Force (Dolfik: Kingly Starfleet), which supports the rest of the armed forces by conducting warfare to ensure Dolfik superiority in both space and cyberspace, alongside maintaining the nation's missile defense system.

Most Dolfiks of both genders are required to complete 1 year of compulsory military enlistment upon turning 18 or graduating from secondary school, whichever comes later. Dolfiks may be exempted from mandatory service if they voluntarily join any of the armed services, or if they opt to complete a year of non-military national service, during which they support social welfare programs, perform community service, assist in schools and hospitals, and other similar activities. Those performing compulsory service are considered part of the reserves of their respective branch, so as to separate them from the all-volunteer professional active forces, but serve full time during their enlistment. As such, the reserves form the largest component of the Armed Forces, containing over 1 million personnel at any given time.

The nation is a recognized nuclear weapons state, possessing the 4th largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world. Its nuclear deterrent primarily relies on the Royal Navy, which maintains a fleet of 6 Thunor Class nuclear ballistic missile submarines equipped with submarine launched ballistic missiles. Additionally, both the Royal Air Force, Royal Space Force, and Royal Navy possess nuclear warheads capable of being deployed via either missiles or air-dropped bombs, although there have been political efforts to retire these and rely solely on the submarine fleet for deterrent.

The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to whom service members swear an oath of allegiance is the Dolfik Monarch, although by long-standing convention the monarch seeks parliamentary consent before undertaking military action upon the advice of the Prime Minister. The Dolfik armed forces played a key role in establishing the Dolfik Empire as one of the dominant world powers in the 18th and 19th centuries, with the Kingsrike often having a major impact on the course of world affairs by way of military action, with the Kingsrike still exerting influence today as a major military power. In modern times The Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Dolfik Kingsrike and it's various overseas and associated territories, and promoting the Kingsrike's global security interests, defending allied nations, and supporting international peacekeeping efforts. According to various sources, including the Dolfonburg International Peace Research Institute and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Kingsrike has the fourth highest military expenditure in the world with 216 billion spent annually on defense, amounting to 2.2% of national GDP.





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